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Quality Documentation and Certification

Documentation is at the heart of GMP. Each ingredient comes with comprehensive documentation providing all information relevant to support quality, safety, efficacy in timely manner. This information facilitates faster evaluation of our ingredients.

  • Technical data sheet
  • Specifications
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Stability and Shelf life
  • Botanical identification
  • Manufacturing flow chart
  • GMO status
  • Irradiation status
  • Allergen declaration
  • BSE/TSE guarantees
  • Composition statement
  • Continuing Product Guarantee
  • Gluten status
  • Kosher/Halal certification
  • Melamine statement
  • Nutritional facts
  • CA Prop 65 statement
  • Residual solvent
  • Safety data sheet
  • Storage and handling condition
  • Custom code