Evidence Based Quality

EN-SURE certified quality system assures same identity, chemistry, purity, efficacy and safety of ingredient in every supply. This is done by rigorous controls starting from the biomass through manufacturing and storage.

Identity Verified
Fingerprint matters

Identity verified botanicals using DNA barcoding, macroscopy, microscopy, HPTLC, HPLC

Authentic plant parts harvested at right maturity which are adulterant-free and from chosen geographies

Our Actions
Responsible Sourcing
Caring for People and the Planet

Herbs are sourced only from growers or controlled collectors who support best environmental practices

Caring for the lives of people involved in cultivation

Our Actions
Keeping goodness of nature intact

Gentle conditions to preserve the bio-actives in right proportion as found in nature free from undesirable compounds

Clean label manufacturing

Our Actions
Quality Documentation and Certification
Unwavering standards

70+ validated quality tests deployed for actives, impurities and stability

Complete quality dossier available

Long history of 100+ global customers satisfied with our consistent quality

Our Actions
Credible science

Transparent and relevant trial conduct

100% US FDA-GCP compliant clinical studies published in international Journals

Collabrations with academic institutions involved in advanced areas such as computational chemistry

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