Rapid and Sustained Joint Comfort

3rd New Human Study for Lanconone Completed

Lanconone® is the world’s first clinically proven natural alternative for rapid relief from day-to-day aches and pain at par with Ibuprofen 400mg. Comprised of seven authenticated and standardized botanicals, Lanconone® is backed by 2 well-designed published human studies, proving its fast and sustained effect. Lanconone® 1000 mg once a day dose is helpful in daily pain associated with physical exertion and performance.

No loading dose, experiential benefits in 3 hours

Healthy response to joint inflammation

Works well with or without glucosamine / chondroitin

The authentic extracts made with precision

Triple Assured Joint Pain Relief

3rd New Human Study

Add the missing ingredient to your product

Lanconone®– Original Published Research

Two published clinical studies support fast and sustained efficacy

Human study proving rapid pain relief

72 subjects with no pain at rest

Lanconone® 1000 mg vs Ibuprofen 400 mg

Acute, non-inferiority double blind study




Meaningful pain relief *

196 mins

167 mins

Decrease in joint Pain at 6 hrs*



Study responders at 6 hrs*

89% of Lanconone® subjects experienced ≥50% pain relief

91% of Ibuprofen subjects experienced ≥50% pain relief

* No significance difference between 2 groups (p>0.05)

Human study proving sustained relief on discontinuation

12 weeks treatment

6 weeks follow-up post treatment

Lanconone® vs placebo




Improvement in joint stiffness



Reduction in joint pain after discontinuation of Lanconone®

17% decrease in joint pain

4% increase in joint pain

Reduction in joint stiffness after discontinuation of Lanconone®

18% decrease in joint stiffness

1.5% increase in joint stiffness

Lanconone® works best for...

Lanconone® works by itself as well complements other joint health ingredients (like glucosamine, chondroitin) for superior joint comfort. Lanconone® is particularly well suited for athletes and those with aging or stressed joints.

Lanconone® The Clear Choice

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