Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 Max) is a major factor that can determine an athlete’s capacity to perform sustained exercise and enjoy superior aerobic endurance. It is estimated that 70-80% of VO2 max is dependenton cardiac output.  Oxyjun® is a clinically proven proprietary extract of Terminalia arjuna designed to safely increase cardiac output and cardiac conditioning.

A November 2016 published human study in American Journal of Therapeutics on 32 healthy young exercising adults’ demonstrated significant 5.6% improvement in cardiac output compared to 2% in placebo group after 8 weeks. Additionally 93.4% subjects in Oxyjun® group felt significant reduction in fatigue compared to 56.2% in placebo group. Right ventricle health is of primary concern in athletes, as there can be drastic change in the right ventricle morphology due to extreme training. 

Subjects in Oxyjun® group showed better right ventricle functioning (measured with RV-MPI) demonstrating positive effect on future heart health; Two gold standard cardiac biomarkers, creatine kinase isoenzyme (CK-MB) and cardiac troponin-T were also tested and demonstrated cardio protective role of Oxyjun®. Hence, this study successfully proved potential of Oxyjun® to enhance performance and protect heart in young exercising adults.

Earlier human study had also proved 4.9% increase in VO2 max and 3.6% increase in leg strength.

Oxyjun® is arjunolic acid free, water soluble extract from arjuna bark, that in a preclinical study demonstrated positive inotropic effect i.e. increased force of contraction leading to enhanced cardiac output. In vitro studies have demonstrated Oxyjun® efficacy in restoring the Kreb’s cycle enzyme activities in a stressed heart mitochondria.

Oxyjun® is water soluble and a free flowing powder with no discernible taste and it is stable in powder form with a 2 year shelf life in the original packing.

Oxyjun® is a unique heart health ingredient suitable for youngsters, professionals, weekend warriors and serious athletes.  Oxyjun® is well suited to be formulated into capsules, tablets, pre/post workout bars, powdered drinks and green super food formulas.


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