ENovate Biolife offers selective regular ingredients with competitive differentiators to meet changing quality, regulatory & market requirements globally. We support with full documentation, including Product specifications sheets, Certificate of Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheets and Customized Technical product dossiers meeting customer’s marketing and regulatory needs.

Curcumin 95%

  • 100% Natural Curcuminoids 95%
  • SUNRISE To SUNSET color Natural Curcumin available
  • Loss on drying nmt 1%
  • Manufactured only in dedicated facility to ensure no cross contamination with other biomass
  • Stocks in NY, USA and Mumbai, India

Boswellia serrata

  • Full spectrum excipients free Boswellia serrata extract
  • Standardized for Total boswellic acids 65% by titrimetry calculated as organic acids
  • Total Boswellic acids 20% by HPLC
  • Calculated as – 11- keto beta boswellic acid, Acetyl 11-ketobeta boswellic acid, Alpha boswellic acids, Beta boswellic acids, Acetyl alpha boswellic acids, Acetyl beta boswellic acids
  • Boswellia extract standardized for AKBA 5%, 10%, 30% by HPLC available

L-selenomethionine (LSM)

  • LSM assayed by HPLC for 40% selenium
  • Yeast free with optimized odour
  • Competitive pricing

Berberine HCL

  • Berberine HCl 95% as per Japanese Pharmacopoeia XV
  • Berberine HCL extracted only from Berberis aristata, which ensures full spectrum actives
  • Extracted with water and hence free from harmful solvent residues
  • Manufactured in dedicated GMP compliant facility to eliminate cross contamination
  • Time bound committed delivery schedules to deliver best value for your price


  • Extracted from Gloriosa superba seeds, indigenous to India
  • Available in different grades, Indian Pharmacopoeia( 98-102%), French Pharmacopoeia ( 95-102%)
  • Lowest impurity profile

Cissus Quadrangularis Dry Extract

  • Owes its name of “Quadrangularis” to the quadrangular sectioned internodes of 8 to 10 cm long
  • Known as “Hadjod” in Sanskrit, which means one which joins bones
  • Botanical ID verified by third party NABL accredited labs
  • Standardized for 3-Ketosteroids content of NLT 2.5%
  • Stocks in NY, USA and Mumbai, India




Piperine 95%

  • Extracted from fruits of Piper nigrum.
  • Piperine 95% by HPLC
  • Time bound committed delivery schedules to deliver best value for your price


Calcium Sennosides

  • Various grades available from 20% to 60% sennosides content
  • Assayed by validated method using Spectrofluorometer
  • BP as well as USP grades available to suit your requirements
  • Competitive pricing