HeezOn® is a patented, all natural, safe and effective proprietary botanical compound to prolong time to ejaculation, quality of orgasm along with better erections. Natural actives of HeezOn® tackle sexual performance associated anxiety and promote feeling of well being. An 8 week largest ever published clinical study in 148 subjects demonstrates significant improvement in erectile function, ejaculation and overall sexual satisfaction. 91% subjects using HeezOn® in the study confirmed, “Willingness to continue therapy”. HeezOn® provided 67% significant improvement in erections as against 26% improvement in subjects taking placebo. HeezOn® demonstrated 64% improvement in time to ejaculation as against 25% improvement in placebo. The study shows evidence to uniquely prove “Partner Satisfaction” not found with other ingredients for male sexual health. HeezOn® benefits start showing in 15 days.

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HeezOn® enhances nitric oxide release resulting in better control over secretary activity. Nitric oxide also signals smooth muscle to relax, resulting in vasodilation & increasing blood flow to penis. Increased dopaminergic activity enhances the readiness of motor system to respond to sexual stimuli.

HeezOn® is well suited for people taking nitrates or alpha blocker drugs where sildanefil is contraindicated. HeezOn® can be a stand-alone supplement or be added to other actives in the Male sexual health category. HeezOn decreases dependency on synthetic / chemical products. Boost sex drive and libido when taken with physician prescribed PDE-5 inhibitors (like Sildenafil).

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