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Rising concerns of regulatory bodies on caffeine is coinciding with growing consumer demands for caffeine free energy.  EnXtra™ is first and only clinically proven, patent pending, GRAS affirmed, DNA authenticated proprietary methyl eugenol free galanga extract which delivers fast, effective and safe results for improving alertness with and without caffeine.

EnXtra™ is supported by 2 publication pending human study. In a pilot study 300 mg of EnXtra™ demonstrated optimal improvement in alertness for up to 5 hours when compared to other extract groups.  In a second, 53-subjects double-blind, double-dummy human clinical trial, EnXtra™ demonstrated significant improvement in mental alertness for up to 5 hours. EnXtra™ along with caffeine demonstrated significant reduction in mean response time. EnXtra™ was able to impede the caffeine crash when taken with caffeine. EnXtra™ showed no cardiovascular concerns in clinical study.

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EnXtra™ is extracted from galanga grown in pollution free hilly terrain of Pathanamthitta. EnXtra™ is easy to work with 300mg / serving and is fully water soluble with mild taste and lovely tea color.

EnXtra™ can either replace caffeine, providing a non-caffeinated energy boost or it can accompany caffeine to prevent crash. EnXtra™ is ideal functional ingredient for energy drinks (with or without caffeine), ready to drink beverages of all types, sports nutrition and workout formulas, energy bars, snacks, gummies, fruit juices, chewing gum and stick packs.

EnXtra™ is suitable for youngsters, professionals, drivers, firefighters, police officers working for long and difficult hours, and serious athletes. EnXtra™ perfectly complements other performance-related ingredients like caffeine, taurine, protein and amino acid for best results.

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