Company Profile

The consumer has become more aware and health conscious hence wants real value instead of only marketing hype. We help our partners providing that real value and a differentiated ingredient to compete in the marketplace.

Continuous research is easy for us since we have an inhouse research unit with sites across the globe, which boasts of the largest number of human studies for natural products. The economy is tough: so ingredient costs have to be contained. We are conscious of that hence working on low cost starting materials and sometimes food industry waste bye-products. We are happy to discuss exclusive supply arrangements in selected existing or pipeline ingredients.

We target lifestyle needs ranging from vitamins and minerals for food supplementation to ingredients for energy and sports nutrition. But we also have in our portfolio more condition-specific functional botanicals to help improve quality of life and maintain health. Whatever the category, human data is a prerequisite to product launch. Our pipeline is mainly from foods that are common to most parts of the world but sometimes from popular herbs and spices.

Our supply chain, located in India and US, is structured such that it does not load you with unnecessary carrying costs at the initial stages but is at the same time robust enough to meet your growing needs as your brand grows. No single company can meet the complex manufacturing needs of nutraceuticals today. Hence we partner with several renowned facilities in US and outside to deliver optimum product quality at the right time. Our partner labs, CROs and other providers are also located strategically at multiple locations.

In short, we help you differentiate your brand in the market without having to invest in million dollar R&D, thus allowing you to focus on what you do best – consumer brand-building.