ENovate’s belief to bring a new wave of extraordinary in the ordinary

The ordinary is not good enough. If mankind abided with the ordinary, the invention of the wheel, the light bulb, the car, would never be. You may think that human progress is inevitable. But it is not, unless the extraordinary happens.

It takes innovation for the extraordinary to happen. Only the daring trod on the path of innovation.
We, at ENovate dare to create products that change life.

Innovating Traditions to create
Powerful Ingredients

ENovate Biolife builds on the old to create something new. We combine innovative science with traditional wisdom to provide scientifically proven nutraceuticals. Our idea is not to turn away from the traditional and proven methods but to combine the reliability of these methods with new, improved and advanced methodologies. This belief is applied to create ingredients that are only offered by
ENovate Biolife; unique to themselves and unparalleled in the market.

Our Proprietary Ingredients

ENovate News

Breakthrough plant extract identified for improved mental alertness focus

A newly published study in BAOJ Nutrition has shown that 300 mg of Alpinia galanga extract demonstrated improved alertness in 70 caffeine-habituated adults compared to extracts of lemongrass, licorice, caffeine, and placebo.

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U.S Patent Awarded to ENovate Biolife for Men’s Health Ingredient

The U.S Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent to ENovate Biolife LLC (ENovate) for its synergistic blend of botanicals to boost male sexual desire, performance and satisfaction.

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